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UVPA International Research Symposium - 2019 in colloboration with ICTM research group - Harvard University, USA | Dec 12 - 14

Urbanism, Landscape and Public Space: Rethinking Creative Arts and Humanities

Papers are invited for the 2nd International Research Symposium at UVPA Colombo, to be held from 12-15 December 2019, which addresses the changing landscape, urban environment, and human engagement in the public spheres through arts and culture. This UVPA-ICTM joint symposium intends to encourage discussion, and debate and further encourages rethinking of creative art, humanities and social sciences in the wake of the 21st century. Sri Lanka, as an island located in the Indian Ocean and as a hub of colonial and post-colonial currents sweeping away through the landscape, this land and people have has experienced a vast array of socio-economic and cultural changes that are still taking place within the nation and regional terrains. Hence, researchers and practitioners are invited to address those changes happening in and through and beyond this landscape and how urban landscapes and public spaces are permeated by new cultural and artistic expressions and identities. Furthermore, traditional arts and crafts and contemporary cultural products are continually being redefined and revisited through the ever-changing environment that blurs the rural-urban dichotomies and becomes hybridized in transnational and globalized enterprises. Therefore, UVPA-ICTM joint symposium 2019 welcomes papers, presentation and workshops that showcase those phenomena and rethinking of them in innovative and interactive ways.

The International Research Symposium will give an opportunity to academics, professionals, administrators, artists, practitioners and policy makers to present their research findings and thoughts. It is expected to share knowledge from various disciplines trending in the current world including music, visual arts, archeology, sociology, history, cultural studies, ethnic cohesion, dance and drama, education, literature, communication and media studies, languages, information technology and management. The three key note speakers on each day will share their insights on current trends in creative arts and social sciences.

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Music and Allied Arts of Greater South Asia

The Second Symposium of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) Study Group on Music and Allied Arts of Greater South Asia is scheduled to take place in conjunction with the annual research symposium of the University of Visual and Performing Arts (UVPA) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dec. 12-14, 2019. The theme of the Study Group meeting this year will be “South Asian Music in the World.” The keynote speaker is Frank Korom (Boston University).

We encourage papers and panels that address a wide range of issues concerning South Asian music and allied arts (e.g. dance, poetry, drama and visual arts) from contemporary and historical perspectives. We especially welcome contributions that consider the position of such arts, or their makers, within broader contexts of interaction—including but not limited to rural-urban relations, globalization, transnationalism and diaspora studies, digital media, and sensual or ideological encounters in the course of performance. As in our previous symposium, we wish to embrace a diversity of approaches and subject matter. We envision several panels which encourage conversation between local Sri Lankan scholars and ICTM members, and welcome suggestions for panels that foster this interaction. The UVPA and the Study Group will provide local accommodations for foreign participants whose abstracts have been accepted. Information regarding registration fees will be forthcoming. A small budget is available (by application) to help South Asian participants defray part of their travel costs to or within Sri Lanka. The papers presented in conjunction with the study group symposium will be in English, however the larger symposium will consist of papers in local languages.

Abstract: Your abstract should be 150-200 words, and should describe the topic, the research on which it is based, and its relevance to the theme, the region, or the goals of the study group more broadly (see: Please indicate your audiovisual requirements, funding needs and contact information along with the abstract of your paper on the following form: abstract submission. Although ICTM members in good standing are particularly urged to submit proposals, we also welcome proposals from scholars who might decide to join the ICTM in the future. The deadline for abstracts is June 30th 2019. The committee will notify selected participants by September 31st 2019.

For More Information :

Chair: Richard Wolf

Co-Chair: Brita Heimarck

Secretary: Natalie Sarrazin

Prof. Frank Korom

Professor of Religion and Anthropology

Boston University USA

Frank J. Korom is Professor of Religion and Anthropology at Boston University. He received degrees in Religious Studies and Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1984, before pursuing advanced studies in India and Pakistan, where he earned certificates of recognition in a number of modern South Asian languages. His doctoral dissertation was on Dharmaraj, a local village deity worshipped in West Bengal from medieval times. For this, the University of Pennsylvania, awarded him a Ph.D. in 1992. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Smithsonian Institution, a Ford Foundation cultural consultant in India and Bangladesh, and curator of Asian and Middle Eastern collections at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe prior to his arrival at Boston University in 1998.

frank korom

sasanka perera

Prof. Sasanka Perera

Professor of Sociology

South Asian University, New Delhi

Sasanka Perera teaches sociology at South Asian University, and is a founding faculty member of the university’s Department of Sociology. He has been the Chairman of the Department of Sociology (2011-2014), the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences (2011-2018) and the University’s Vice President (2016-2019). Prior to that, he was with the Department of Sociology at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka for twenty years. He was also the Founding Chairman of the Colombo Institute for the Advanced Study of Society and Culture (2003-2010). He is the Editor of Society and Culture in South Asia (the journal of Department of Sociology, South Asian University, co-published with Sage India). Having been trained as a cultural anthropologist, in his teaching career, he has straddled the subject areas that are considered both Sociology and Anthropology in the general parlance, despite the debates that surround these nomenclature and disciplinary divides. In that sense, he has been able to cross boundaries and draw from developments in these disciplines quite liberally in both his own intellectual pursuits and in his endeavours to teach and guide students.His research interests have enabled him to work in Sri Lanka, USA, Cambodia, Pakistan, Nepal, Japan and India. He has written extensively and published in Sri Lanka, India and internationally in the English and Sinhala languages. An interest in photography, poetry, blogging, art, music and journalism has kept him in touch with both his own creative drives as well as the changing world of thought and expression.

Dr Adrian Mcniel

Senior Lecturer in Ethnomusicology

Monash University, Australia

Adrian is an ethnomusicologist specialising in Hindustani music as a scholar and as a performer on the sarod, (a twenty five stringed plucked lute). Alongside this he has wide ranging interests and journal publications in improvisation, the political economy of music, cultural history, aesthetics and the globalisation of music. His research on the political and cultural history of Hindustani music, and his book on the sarod tradition is well known in the field.

Over his career, he has spent a number of years living in India as an ARC post doctoral fellow, located at Jadavpur University, and as a visiting fellow at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta. More recently he worked as a lecturer and research guide at Macquarie University where he has extensive experience in setting up an improvisation program and supervising, developing, and teaching a large cohort of post graduate research and course work students in ethnomusicology and improvisation. Adrian also has undergone extensive training in Hindustani music and has years of international performance experience along with commercial recordings on the sarod, both in traditional and in intercultural ensembles

adrian mcniel

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